5 Local Brands That Are Brilliant On Twitter

5 local brands that are brilliant on twitter

When it comes starting up a Twitter for your small business, it can all be a little bit daunting.

Nevertheless, running a Twitter for your brand is pretty much essential nowadays. And we’re very proud to say that there are a few Northern Irish brands that are doing an absolutely fabulous job at it.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration or just a few wonderful accounts to follow, here are 5 local brands that are brilliant on Twitter.

Lush Belfast

The delightful folks at Lush in Belfast will regularly post updates about what new surprises they have coming into stock, they’ll retweet their fans and customers, they will share links from their Instagram, they will ask questions and on top of all of that, they will still take the time to reply to every tweet that comes their way. Everyone is going to love a brand which lets their warm, friendly personality shine through and this is exactly what Lush Belfast do, and it’s exactly why their customers keep coming back.

Slims Healthy Kitchen

Slims Healthy Kitchen based in Belfast know exactly how to engage with their fans and customers on Twitter. From their feed you will see that they are forever replying to queries, retweeting customer tweets and photos, responding to said tweets and photos and more. They’ll even share some behind the scenes sneak peeks too. They even have their own easily recognisable hashtag #ChooseBalance, which they will frequently use in their tweets, as will their customers – which is such a great way to drive brand awareness.

Bearded Candle Makers

Bearded Candle Makers are forever retweeting not only their fans and customers but other brands and bloggers – and sharing the love is always a good thing. They’ll even actively tweet about other brands themselves. They’re also always sure to tweet where you can find them (at St. George’s Market for example), which of course keeps their customers in the know.

Studio Souk

Studio Souk are not only fully engaged with their customers through retweets and replies, but they’re fully tuned into what’s going on locally, forever retweeting local brands and events pages. Being a part of the community is such an important factor when running a Twitter, and these guys know how to do it.

Chain Reaction Cycles

Chain Reaction Cycles boast a phenomenal Twitter following and it’s all down to their incredibly strategic Twitter techniques. They consistently post a wide range of content – from media tweets with photos and videos, to replies, to reweets, to links to live Periscope broadcasts and even links to their own blog posts – they’re ticking all of the boxes. With so much quality content as well as a professional yet friendly online persona, they are guaranteed to have their fans and customers coming back for more. Thanks to the power of social media, the modest family run bicycle shop from Ballyclare has grown into the biggest online bike retailer in the world.

With such high levels of engagement and consistency, these Twitter accounts continue to flourish. If you’re intrigued and want to know exactly how you can utilise Twitter for your brand, have a read of our recent post: 6 easy Twitter tips for Northern Irish businesses.

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