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Our Story

NI Parcels was created as a solution to a problem that our founder Paul Stewart faced as a business owner in N. Ireland. There was a real lack of shipping options for business and local users in Northern Ireland and also users in the UK Mainland sending parcels to Northern Ireland, NI Parcels was founded to help solve this problem. Paul is from Northern Ireland and has based NI Parcels in Belfast, at the Titanic Quarter on Sydenham Road. NI Parcels is part of the My Baggage Group which includes a range of shipping websites, such as luggage shipping company My Baggage and Irish Courier Irish Parcels.

We are passionate about Northern Ireland and activity do our best to give as much back as we can. Charity is extremely important to us at NI Parcels and to give back we donate to different charities and social enterprises in Northern Ireland.

At NI Parcels the culture and environment that we create for our staff is essential. By providing extensive training, encouragement, support and relaxed and friendly work environment we create a culture that really benefits our staff and you, as the customer. Happy staff makes for happy customers! This really does help us develop a great relationship with you and leave you confident that you’re in good hands. Many of our repeat customers know our staff by name and even on a personal level. Trust is absolutely vital with NI Parcels. We genuinely want you to get to know our staff and how they can help with your shipping to and from N. Ireland.

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What Do We Do?

Discounted Prices

NI Parcels is the perfect solution for businesses and individual customers looking for postage in and out of Northern Ireland. We understand that shipping parcels, whether just around the corner or around the world, can be extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive. Using our expertise in the industry and due to the high volume of shipments we send we were able to secure unique contracts with some of the most well-known couriers in the world! Just a few examples of our couriers in Northern Ireland are DPD and Parcelforce. At NI Parcels, we only work with well established and professional couriers to make sure you are getting the best services. These contracts mean that we get to bring you massively discounted prices, compared to going direct. Some of these discounts are up to 80%. With this kind of discount it will make a real saving for your business or even for you personally. What's not to love about that?!

Expert Service

But this is certainly not all we do here. We provide dedicated and very personal customer service for you or your business. At NI Parcels we completely understand that in today's world you want a variety of ways to communicate with us that suit you personally. That’s why our staff are available to have a chat with you on the phone, through email, through social media and by our fantastic live chat facility. It's important to us to really ensure we are flexible to help make sure you can reach us the way that you like. So who are the people on the end of the line? Our staff are experts in the shipping industry and are well connected with the couriers we work with. It means you get our talented staff working on your behalf. We are here to answer questions, give peace of mind and to help if any issues were to arise.

You save money and gain a team of experts to work extensively with you. It's a win win!

Our Mission.

In a nutshell our mission at NI Parcels is to solve Northern Ireland's lack of shipping options for businesses and local users. But it's more than that really. Our mission is to help businesses in all aspects of the shipping process. To be a conscious, friendly and trustworthy business to be proud of. And to give back to Northern Ireland through the amazing work of local charities.

Bitesize stats:

  • Up to 80% discount compared to going the couriers directly
  • Phone Support: on average we answer calls in 4 rings
  • Top Up Discounts - 5% extra on top ups over £100
  • Available 5 days a week by phone and email, 7 days a week via live chat
  • Trusted by 12,000 businesses across N. Ireland, UK and Ireland
  • Our staff have over 60 years experience in the industry
  • Our staff have over 60 years experience in the industry
  • We are proud to be 4.6/5 stars on Trustpilot
  • Free £50 compensation on all shipments

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4.6 / 5
2,001+ Reviews
NI Parcels- Shipping 5 2020-03-29
Great service. Thank you
Colette NI, Sun 29th Mar 2020
NI Parcels- Shipping 5 2020-03-29
Unbelievably fast collection. Excellent.
Destortion42, Sun 29th Mar 2020
NI Parcels- Shipping 5 2020-03-27
Collection was prompt and in these unusual circumstances during Covid-19 lockdown, I left the parcels outside ready for collection. The collection agent knocked the door only to advise that he had lifted the parcels, so that we wouldn't be concerned. He observed all the current social distancing protocols. As advised delivery was next day, but the driver realised no-one was at home, so contacted the recipient to arrange a more convenient time. Despite an initial wasted journey for the delivery service, they were happy to repeat the process several days later. I also welcomed the advice from NI Parcels that advised they would continue to provide a service for as long as possible. All in all - a wonderful service.
Lesley Vance, Fri 27th Mar 2020
NI Parcels- Shipping 5 2020-03-27
Brilliantly exuberant, best delivery service provisioning transportation of item which was some difficult to obtain parts for a horseless carriage. Delivery to the recipient occurred most expeditiously and the person of whom was the recipient composed a favourable message about the condition of the radio for their French Citroen radio being most splendid. They are now enjoying the music of the frequency modulation airwaves through the speakers of their xantia and I enjoy the knowledge that I now have some monies in Paypal to purchase unnecessary goods of life enrichment.
Eccentric Customer , Fri 27th Mar 2020
NI Parcels- Shipping 5 2020-03-26
NI Parcels were speedy, efficient and found me a National courier to take a large parcel to England which arrived 2 days after collection. I made an error quoting the wrong dimensions for the package and credit to NI Parcels they corrected my error and secured a new courier with no extra charge and ensured no additional delay! My son now has a welcome birthday gift delivered on time!
KEVIN STOKER, Thu 26th Mar 2020