Cheap And Fast Parcel Shipping To Australia

Are you planning on shipping a parcel to Australia? We completely understand that this can be a massive pain, not to mention extremely costly. The delivery times can also be huge and leave you waiting forever. Luckily, here at NI Parcels, we’ve got a solution for you or your business!

We offer cheap, fast and reliable shipping to Australia through our network of top couriers.

Parcel with NI ParcelsValue For Money

Shipping a parcel all the way across to Australia can be a dangerous voyage. Don’t worry though, even though we have very cheap prices we absolutely will not sacrifice the quality of service. Ever. This is why NI Parcels will only work with some of the best and top-rated couriers that have a well-deserved reputation. These couriers that ship to Australia are consistent, professional and very reliable.

Our carefully selected range of courier companies includes names such as Parcelforce, FedEx, DPD, Captain Courier and City Air Express and many more. From the moment the parcel leaves your hands to the moment it arrives, half a world away to Australia, you can be sure it’s in safe hands.

You might be wondering how we manage to make shipping parcels to Australia so cheap and yet still use top-quality couriers. Our team at NI Parcels has over 60 years of experience in the industry and has used this to get ourselves unique and lucrative contracts with the couriers. We are given massive discounts since we are shipping such a large volume of parcels with them.

And the best bit? There’s no need to pay extra for this peace of mind! Due to these unique contracts with these companies, we can offer prices that are up to 80% cheaper than going to these couriers directly. With parcels over 2kg, most of our services are also cheaper than going to a post office. What’s more, we have full online tracking!

On top of all this, we also have a dedicated team of staff that are experts in shipping that are here 7 days a week to help you!

So that’s fast, reliable shipping to Australia with a dedicated team on your side all for up to 80% cheaper than going direct!

Grab yourself a quote below (it only takes a second!) and see how much you can save on shipping parcels to Australia with NI Parcels.

Shipping your Parcel to Australia- Our Top Features

When you courier a parcel to Australia with NI Parcels, you’ll receive:

  • Cheap parcel shipping to Australia
  • Super fast shipping times.
  • Easy online booking and secure payment.
  • Convenient door to door service.
  • Full online parcel tracking.
  • £50 free compensation cover on every shipment.
  • Dedicated and experienced customer support via phone, email and live chat.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

At NI Parcel’s we are incredibly proud of our positive reviews from our happy customers. We have an amazing 4.5/5 stars on TrustPilot and a fantastic 83% of those reviewing have rated our service as the highest rate of Excellent. This can give you peace of mind that our service is professional, reliable, trustworthy and well-loved by our customers.

Simple Parcel Shipping From Your Doorstep 

Are you sick of wasting time waiting in a line at the post office when you can be working on your business or enjoying your day? NI Parcels can offer simple door-to-door delivery as well as full online parcel tracking for both business and private packages. NI Parcels doesn’t just save you money, we also save you precious time!


How To Book Your Parcel To Australia

Simply get a quote, it’ll only take a few seconds. We’ll take it from there. Our service compares all couriers, provides you with the best options for price and delivery, and informs you when your package can be collected. If you have several parcels to send at once, add these to your quote form. It’s honestly that simple!

Once your parcel is collected you get to sit back, relax, and track your package as it makes its way across the world. If you have any questions along the way the friendly staff at NI Parcels are here to help!

Eco-friendly Shipping Guide to Australia

With an ever-increasing volume of businesses trading Down Under, and individuals choosing to relocate, there’s a huge demand for international shipping from Northern Ireland to Australia.

Whether you are delivering goods for personal or commercial use, you will want them to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Here is our guide on environmentally friendly parcel shipping to Australia…

Adhere to Local Standards

Due to Australia’s stringent regulations on domestic packages, it could be beneficial to adopt these rules as a model for your own packages, selecting packing materials that adhere to established eco-friendly certifications and standards.

Review Customs Compliance

Ensure that your eco-friendly packaging materials comply with customs regulations when shipping parcels to Australia. Some materials may be subject to restrictions or require special documentation.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Optimise your packing to cut down on waste and unnecessary material usage. Reduce the amount of packing material needed and dimensional weight charges by properly sizing your packaging to meet the size of your products.

Spread The Word

Inform Australian consumers of your eco-friendly business practices, such as using sustainable packaging materials and offsetting carbon emissions. Urge them to contribute to these initiatives by selecting environmentally friendly goods and appropriately recycling packaging.

In Australia, eco-friendly solutions such as biodegradable delivery choices are highly valued. By putting these helpful recommendations into practice, you can demonstrate how you are lowering your carbon footprint.


When sending a parcel to Australia, it will undergo customs inspections and require a customs form.

NI Parcels will generate customs forms that you must complete. These forms will be personalised for your shipment based on the information you provided during your order. These forms will be made available soon after your order has been paid for.

The Bottom Line

We’re absolutely committed to providing exceptional service at cheap prices and to ensure that your package arrives safely and on time. Whether it’s a birthday present to your niece in Alice Springs, or important parcel to a customer in Sydney, NI Parcels will ensure it gets there. From Dublin to Melbourne, from London to Coober Pedy, with NI Parcels you’re in safe hands. 

Why not pop-up on chat, give us a call or drop us an email? The staff at NI Parcels are experts in the shipping industry and genuinely want to help you ship your parcels to Australia. So come and have a chat with one of our team and see what we are all about! Or grab yourself a quote below and see how much you are able to save on this route.Get a Quick Quote Today

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