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Parcel with NI ParcelsSend parcels to the USA at a great low price, with NI Parcels.

We offer fast international delivery times, door to door service and full online parcel tracking to take all the stress and hassle out of sending parcels to America.

How Much Will It Cost?

All parcels sent with us are priced individually based on their size and weight. Once you have those details, simply visit our homepage and you will be given a list of quotes from top couriers to choose from. It takes just a few seconds to get a price!

Fast Courier To The USA

The greatest inconvenience when sending parcels to America is often slow delivery times. No one wants to wait days, weeks or even months for their parcel to arrive in the USA!

With NI Parcels, however, delivering items FAST is a top priority for us. That’s why we offer Express parcel delivery times of 1-2 days on shipments to the USA.

We can also offer same day collections if you book before 10am, or next day collections if you book after that cut off time.

Reliable International Courier

As well as low prices and speedy delivery, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and reliable courier service on parcels sent locally and internationally.

We only use top couriers such as Parcelforce and DPD to deliver our shipments, as they have an outstanding reputation for high-level, quality service.

For extra peace of mind, we also provide full door to door service and online parcel tracking.

Grand Canyon

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Eco-friendly Shipping Guide to the USA

Many people require a shipping solution from Northern Ireland to the USA on a daily basis for items such as ecommerce purchases, documents, gifts, or other goods that need to be sent. So it makes sense for everyone to try to make their shipments as environmentally friendly as possible given the volume of goods being transported; here are just a few best practices to help your packages become a little bit more “green”…

Choose Correctly Sized Packaging

Avoid using big boxes for small items. Choose packaging that exactly fits the dimensions of your goods to reduce the quantity of excess material used during packing and to minimise the expense associated with shipping dimensional weight.

Verify Customs Requirements

Verify that the environmentally friendly materials you use for packing comply with US customs regulations. Some materials may be prohibited or require special documentation.

Research Recycling Guidelines

Make yourself familiar with the recycling rules and regulations that apply to the relevant state in the USA. Then, encourage your customers to dispose of your packaging responsibly by providing clear recycling instructions on it.

Offset Carbon Emissions

Join forces with businesses that offer carbon offset programmes. You are able to offset the carbon emissions generated during package shipment by making contributions to initiatives like reforestation or renewable energy that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Using these strategies can help you ship your packages to the USA in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


NI Parcels offers all customers £50 free compensation cover when booking. You can increase this amount for a small fee during booking if you wish. Before booking your parcel delivery to the USA, we recommend taking a look at our list of prohibited and non-compensation items.


When sending a parcel to the USA, it will undergo customs inspections and require a customs form.

NI Parcels will generate customs forms that you must complete. These forms will be personalised for your shipment based on the information you provided during your order. These forms will be made available soon after your order has been paid for.

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