The Simple Answer When Shipping A Parcel To France

Looking to ship a parcel to France? Since you are reading this page we can assume you are shopping around since the prices for shipping a parcel to France are usually pretty expensive!  Not only that, but some of the routes can take forever and leave your recipient or customer sat waiting. At NI Parcels we realised that we had to find a solution to this. Using our expertise in the industry we have gained incredible accounts with major couriers which means we can bring you amazing service for very cheap prices. So, looking to ship a parcel to France? Look no further because we can offer you, quality couriers, at incredibly cheap prices.

BoxesWhy You Can Trust NI Parcels With Your Delivery

In today’s world sadly cheap prices usually come at the expense of the service. The term ‘ you get what you pay for’ is thrown around and cheap is synonymous with a lack of quality. This is why we understand if you are a bit dubious about our offer of both cheap prices and quality service. So why can you trust us? We use our long-time experience in the shipping industry and our well-built relationships with couriers to secure ourselves brilliant contracts. Our team has over 60 years in the industry and we have worked hard to gain these accounts with the couriers. Essentially, with our large volume of business, the couriers give us impressive discounts. These discounts can be up to 80%!

Trust is essential to us. This is why we refuse to sacrifice our service to get cheap prices. At NI Parcels we only work with quality couriers with well-deserved reputations. This is true for packages of a wide range of sizes and weights. The courier companies we are currently using include Parcelforce, FedEx, DPD, City Air Express, Captain Courier, and many others, all established and trusted names in the industry. You can be safe in the knowledge that the parcel is with a trustworthy and well-known courier. What’s more is there is full online tracking, so you can watch the parcel travel the whole way!

Don’t worry this isn’t where our service ends for you. At NI Parcels we’ve built up a dedicated team of shipping experts that are on hand to help whenever you need it! Our repeat customers know our staff by name and they trust us to help with any issues they have. We are here 7 days a week!

That’s a lot to take in… But this is what you get at NI Parcels in a nutshell;
When you ship your parcel to France with NI Parcels you get door to door shipping, fast delivery times, reliable couriers, full online tracking and a dedicated team of our experts on hand to help.

All that for up to 80% discount than going direct…?

Why not check for yourself below!

What Do Our Customers Think?

At NI Parcels we want to make sure you have total peace of mind and are happy in the knowledge your items are in safe, professional hands. On TrustPilot we are delighted at our score of 4.5/5 and was a brilliant 83% of reviewers giving us a top score. Feel free to browse through our fantastic reviews and see the reasons why so many customers love our service at NI Parcels.

Shipping a Parcel To France- In A Nutshell 

When you ship a parcel to France with NI Parcels, you’ll get:

  • Cheap shipping prices (up to 80% discounted).
  • Extremely fast delivery times.
  • Straightforward online booking and secure payment.
  • Convenient door to door service.
  • Full online tracking through the shipping process.
  • £50 free compensation cover on every shipment as a thank you for your business.
  • Dedicated expert customer support via phone, email and live chat.

How Do You Book Our Parcel Shipping To France?

It takes only a few moments to complete our simple quote form. Then, instantly, we’ll provide you with a list of the best quote from top couriers. We provide a system that immediately shows you the price and the delivery timeframe of each courier so you can make the best choice for you. If you have several parcels to send at once, simply add these to your quote form.

Then once you’ve chosen the best one for you, you just input the details of collection and delivery, pick a day that suits you, complete a secure online payment and that’s it! We’ll send you some labels and you just need to tape them down. Seriously, that’s all it takes and you can get back to your business or get to put your feet up!

Making Shipping A Parcel To France Cheap And Easy

You may be sending a special gift to friends in the snowy towns of Chamonix, or business documents to a customer or business partner in the warm, bustling street of Marseille. Perhaps there are samples to be forwarded to your French connection in Toulouse, or an important order to be dispatched to Paris. Wherever the destination across France, whatever your location throughout the British Isles, we deliver door-to-door for both business and private packages. So if you are looking for cheap shipping to France, NI Parcels has you covered.

Interested in our service? Why not pop-up on chat, give us a call or drop an email over to us? Our team is here to talk you through our business and put your mind at ease. Or grab yourself a quick quote below!

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