Shipping A Parcel To Germany

Struggling to find a courier to ship your parcels to Germany that provides both great services AND is cheap? You’re certainly not alone. International shipping can be an expensive and time-consuming experience.

Relax there’s good news here! NI Parcels has found a solution to this. So when shipping to Germany you no longer to need to worry about trying to find the elusive great courier at a cheap price because NI Parcels has you covered!

At NI Parcels we’ll get you the best deal in a matter of clicks, and all you have to do is relax, knowing your parcel is safely on its way to the location you choose. With our courier accounts, we get up to 80% discounted! Have a try at a quote below and see what you think…


NI Parcels gets you the Best Deal

At NI Parcels we get that international shipping isn’t always exactly the easiest or cheapest thing in the world. So all the hard graft that our expert team has put in over the years in the industry has been put into creating a solution to this. Their knowledge and strong relationships with couriers have meant that NI Parcels have been able to get the very best deals! Don’t worry these prices are with very well-known and highly regarded couriers. This means we are able to offer customers a service they can have complete faith in, and at prices, they will love.

Customers who use us regularly say that we’ve saved them a huge amount on shipping to Germany, as much as 80% when compared to other providers!

Big savings on whatever size and weight of parcel you want to send – that’s what we offer. Well-known companies we use and trust to get your parcel to the right location include FedEx, Parcelforce, DPD, City Air Express and Captain Courier, and more.

Shipping things anywhere is stressful, as you are sending something important. Whether that be business documents or a well thought out gift. Either way, no one wants to be left seeing their item off and having no idea where it is or when it will arrive. This is why we have full online tracking and a dedicated team of experienced staff on hand to help. With this, you can have peace of mind as you can watch the journey from your computer and chat through anything with our team. So with NI Parcels you can breathe a sigh of relief and relax. We’ve got you covered. 

Shipping a Parcel To Germany- At A Glance

When shipping a parcel to Germany with NI Parcels, you’ll get:

  • Cheap shipping prices (up to 80% discounted).
  • Extremely fast delivery times.
  • Straightforward online booking and secure payment.
  • Convenient door to door service.
  • Full online tracking through the shipping process.
  • £50 free compensation cover on every shipment as a thank you for your business.
  • Dedicated expert customer support via phone, email and live chat.

Quick And Easy Booking

At NI Parcels, we know that these days time is tight for everyone, whether you are working on your business or in a rush to an appointment. Time is precious and we completely understand that. This is why we have designed a system that makes going from quote to booking take no time at all! Simply complete our online quote form and you’ll instantly be offered the most competitive quotes, in terms of delivery and price. NI Parcels give you all the information you need to make sure the courier and service are suited to you.

All you have to do is decide which quote to accept and we’ll take it from there. Once we’ve picked up your parcel, you’ll be able to track its progress to the destination in Germany online.

Hassle-Free Shipping To Germany

We know how essential it is that your parcel arrives quickly and safely in Germany. You could be sending some samples to a buyer in busy Berlin, a special gift to a friend in the historic city of Cologne, or business files to an associate in the Bavarian capital Munich. At NI Parcels, all your parcels are extremely important to us and we treat each one with professional care.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. It’s as simple as that. Our focus at NI Parcels is to offer all of our customers a service that is second to none and delivered every time by a first-class team. Your parcel will be collected from your door and then you can relax as they are in safe hands. You can get back to focusing on your business or simply putting your feet up. Avoid the lines at the postal service and have them collected from the comfort of your home or business. So you save money, time and stress with NI Parcels!

Fast Delivery Times 

Nobody wants to have to wait around for ages for their parcel to arrive! Not to worry long delivery times are not something you will get at NI Parcels. One of the main benefits of shipping your parcel to Germany with us is the super fast delivery times you’ll receive.

We offer delivery times of 1-2 days on our Express service and 2-3 days on our Economy service. You can choose whichever service suits your needs. Either way, they are both get your parcel to Germany in no time at all!

Cheap Courier To Germany

A the end of the day the most important element when shipping a parcel to Germany is price. We get that, don’t worry. If the price isn’t right it is going to leave you out of pocket and with a sour taste in your mouth. Thankfully at NI Parcels, we offer great low rates on all international parcel deliveries. Booking with us is substantially cheaper than going directly to the courier or taking a trip to the post office. We are up to 80% cheaper than going direct!

Get a quote today and see how much you could save.

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