11 Things All Northern Irish People Did At Halloween


The days are getting shorter, those cosy dark nights are drawing in…

So we think it’s a perfect time to get a bit nostalgic and look back at all the things we used to do as wee Northern Irish childer at Halloween time…

1. Going round the doors trick or treating days or even weeks before Halloween night.

2. Preying on all the old people in the street who you knew would give you money.

3. This song:

Would ye go away and give my head peace. It's only 2nd October, so it is. (1)

4. At the end of singing the song in its entirety, you’d either get handed a bunch of coppers.

Would ye go away and give my head peace. It's only 2nd October, so it is. (2)

5. Or a handful of monkey nuts.

6. Getting a big sticky gub because of toffee applies.

7. Breaking a knuckle playing conkers but holding in the pain because you wanted to act tough and win.

8. You didn’t need to go to the shops and spend a fortune on an expensive costume. Bin liner or a sheet = sorted.

9. Carving turnips because pumpkins are dear and your ma and da aren’t made of money. 


10. Nearly drowning trying to bob for apples.

11. Grabbing a handful of these and throwing about ten at once, in an attempt to create an explosion. 



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