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NI Parcels does not send personal effects, however we highly recommend My Baggage, No.1 for Student Shipping.

My Baggage specialises in student shipping and moving personal effects throughout the UK and to over 200 countries worldwide.

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You can get a quote, book and pay online. It has a simple and secure booking system and it takes just a few minutes to place your order. You can read the latest My Baggage Reviews here.

MyBaggage offers a full door-to-door service and online tracking, so you can see your shipment every step of the way. You can also opt in to receive text message and email notifications to let you know when your item is collected, out for delivery and much more.

More than 100,000 customers use MyBaggage, as it offers unrivaled service in terms of price, speed and customer support. It is the No.1 Student Shipping Company, which is why we thoroughly recommend them for sending any personal belongings or luggage. You can watch the My Baggage video on how to make a booking, in a few simple steps.

If you need to send a small parcel or an item that is not personal affects then NI Parcels can help. You can get a quote online here.

Some other information...

My Baggage was interviewed by Companies Made Simple, you can read it here. You can also read more about My Baggage on their Wikipedia Page.

My Baggage has travelled 10 million miles around the world delivering baggage, it offers international shipping to over 200 countries.

My Baggage Reviews

4.8 / 5
13,853+ Reviews
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2021-04-10
I give MyBaggage 5 stars because I found their prices fair, our email exchanges very effective and informative, and all the instructions quite clear and easy to follow. The four 30-kg boxes I sent from Edinburgh to Stockholm arrived well - with some damage to the cardboard boxes but nothing unexpected. Actually, I think they could be reused. I had to pay a fee to DHL afterwards, which was around £20. It was charged by the Swedish customs - again, nothing unexpected. I only have two critiques - but I'm still giving them 5 stars because there's no 4.5 stars option: (1) I was required to fill out a form online and then they asked me to fill it out again by email. It was a bit cumbersome to be asked to fill it out twice for no apparent reason. If the online form doesn't contain all the information required, I recommend MyBaggage update it. (2) On the website, the collection window for the DHL driver is very wide: from 9 am to 6 pm. It also says somewhere that they have no way to contact you. In my case, the driver called me on the mobile phone when I was next. If this is normal, I'd recommend MyBaggage to update this information.
Renzo Lanfranco, Sat 10th Apr 2021
My Baggage- Shipping 4 2021-04-10
The service was excellent and i was updated at each stage. However the shipment was left at a different address but on same road. The neighbour kindly bought it around to the correct address. My sister says its not the first time its happened with DHL.More care needs to be taken as there are a few dishonest people out there who would not take around to correct address
Amarjit Dulay, Sat 10th Apr 2021
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2021-04-10
super friendly and fast customer service and overall great experience! Would use them again.
Hedvig Wergeland, Sat 10th Apr 2021
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2021-04-10
Perfect service, international shipping works amazingly! My bags arrived on time and everything went smoothly
Sveva, Sat 10th Apr 2021
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2021-04-10
What a great service! Perfect.
Shame_On_Revolut, Sat 10th Apr 2021