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NI Parcels are experts at sending Parcels to and from Northern Ireland however we have teamed up with My Baggage to offer baggage and luggage shipping worldwide.

My Baggage specialises in sending bags and moving personal effects throughout the UK and to over 200 countries.


Or you can also get a quote, book and pay online with NI Parcels. We have a simple and secure booking system and it takes just a few minutes to place your order. We recommend getting a quote and chosing what is the best service for your needs.

NI Parcels offers a full door-to-door service and online tracking, so you can see your shipment every step of the way.

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Sending Luggage

Whether you’re moving to university, indulging in a well deserved extended holiday or invested in a ton of souvenirs on your exotic break, shipping your luggage can be a lot more convenient, and more affordable than paying your airline’s excess baggage charges.

What’s more, with years of experience and a dedicated team tracking and transporting your luggage from door to door, you can be confident that your belongings will reach their destination safely and securely with NI Parcels and My Baggage.

Low Cost Luggage Shipping

One of the main benefits of NI Parcels and My Baggage is the fact that we offer low rates on luggage shipping within the UK and to 200+ destinations worldwide. As mentioned, airline baggage can be extremely expensive, so luggage shipping is a welcome and more affordable alternative.


Track your Luggage Every Step of the Way

One of the biggest bug bears of the airline industry is missing luggage. Even with all of their advanced systems, airlines frequently fail to ensure that baggage that is checked in or makes it to its finals destination. If you need to ship your bag why not get a quote with NI Parcels.

Top Destinations to Ship Luggage to

We ship to over 200 countries and regions, here are some of our most popular destinations to ship luggage to, for business, holidays, or moving abroad:

Watch This Instructional Video To Learn More About Student Shipping With My Baggage