43 Things Only Northern Irish Adults Will Remember

Things Only Norn Irish Adults Will Remember

For a small country, Northern Ireland sure has a lot of history…

And we thought we’d get all wistful and nostalgic today by looking back at some of our wee country’s most notable moments and memories.

If you can think of any more to add to the list, be sure to let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

43 Things That Only Northern Irish People Will Remember

1. Watching Give My Head Peace on a Friday night.

Image result for give my head peace

2. The horrific anti-terror TV ad that scares the bejeesus out of us all and ruined Cats In The Cradle forever. 


3. The Kelly show.

4. The John Daly Show.


5. When May McFettridge was new on the scene.

6. School around the corner.

7. Getting sent home from work or school because of another bloody bombscare.

music love 90s netflix mila kunis

8. If you lived outside of Belfast, going to city was like going on a foreign holiday.

confused where are we

9. Police checkpoints.

police security cops cop super troopers

10. Getting your bag checked going into Welworths.

Banana Republic fashion nyfw bag purse

11. When Welworths existed.

12. Leisureworld.

13. This slide at Newcastle.

14. Getting a beating with one of these if you gave your ma back cheek.


15. When the first McDonald’s came to your town.

mcdonalds movie 90s food fast food

16. The In Shops.

17. When your TV just stopped working after 12 o’clock.

tv static tv static

18. When you just had three channels on the TV.

tv glitch vhs rad trees

19. When Jim and Our Elizabeth first arrived on the street.

20. When Catchphrase was presented by Roy Walker.

21. When Dale Farm lollies were 30p.

22. When a packet of Tayto was 30p and had that creepy Mr Tayto head.

23. These crisps.

And these.


And these.


24. Taz Bars.

25. Having Creamola Foam at birthday parties (which is now banned because it is basically crack for children.)

26. When Victoria Square didn’t exist and there was basically just a tower block in its place.

27. When Bill Clinton turned on the Christmas lights.

spinning bill clinton the simpsons cartoon excited

28. Police 6.


29. When Eamon Holmes was just a wee young thing with a mop of dark hair presenting GMTV with thon Anthea Turner.


30. When Patrick Kielty was just a wee young thing.

31. Staying out playing Kerbsy until it was dark.

32. When the Westlink was even more of a nightmare than it is now.

The Hills driving traffic lauren conrad lc

33. When George Best played for Manchester United.

34. When George Best City Airport was just called Belfast City Airport. 

35. Calling a doughnut a gravy ring.

36. When you were playing outside at tea time and your ma would open the front door and shout your name down the street so you would come in an eat your dinner.

kids playground butler cat kids playing kids cute

37. Summer holidays meant a week at the caravan in Newcastle or Portrush, not going abroad.

38. When the lemonade man would come and deliver to you.

39. When you would leave your old milk bottles out for the milk man.

40. When dinner was not dinner unless there were spuds on your plate.

41. The wee fella from the Coleraine Cheddar ad.


42. Crazy Prices.


43. Yellow Pack items in Stewarts.


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