40 Things Only Northern Irish People Do

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As if you need any more proof that Northern Ireland is a wee world of its own…

But nevertheless, at NI Parcels we’ve decided it would be a bit of craic to make a list of all the strange eccentricities we possess as a country.

So, here are 40 Things Only Northern Irish People Do. If you think of any we’ve left out, be sure to pop over to our Facebook page and tell us!

1. Say bye one hundred times before hanging up the phone.

2. Call your parents mummy and daddy even when you’re a fully grown adult.

3. Get a wee bit excited about a bomb scare because it means you might get to go home from work early.

4. Bring Lucozade and grapes to people when visiting them in hospital, as if this sugary drink has medicinal qualities.


5. Introduce Coronation Street in your best Julian voice.

6. Start every conversation with ‘here’

7. And end every sentence with ‘soitis’.


8. Try to guess where Frank’s weather watching camera is every single night. (And feel secretly triumphant when you get it right.)

9. We fully believe we have the psychic ability to predict a person’s religious background by the way they pronounce the letter H.

10. And by what they call this place.


11. And by what football team they support.

12. And by how far apart their eyebrows are.

13. By what side of the road they walk on.

14. Say ‘fuck off’ when what you really mean is ‘are you serious?’

15. Ask for a chip when you mean  portion of chips. Not one single chip.

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16. Drink a glass of milk with dinner.

17. Pronounce Primark as Pree-mark.


18. Have a ginger mate called fanta pants.

19. Use the term ‘poke man’ to describe a person who sells ice cream from a van.

20. Have lemonade delivered directly to your door by the Maine man.

21. Slag off Northern Ireland til the cows come home, but get violently possessive if someone from outside the country does it.

22. Eat crisp sammiches.

23. AND eat four different types of bread in one Ulster Fry because we CLEARLY don’t get enough carbs.

24. Use the term ‘carry out’ to refer to the feed of drink you buy from the off license before you go to the pub and drink more.

25. Do stuff like this just for the craic.

Two paracetamol an' a battle a this. You'll

26. Talk about the weather non stop.

27. And complain regardless of whether it’s sunny, raining, snowing.

28. Keep towels and bed sheets in the hot press.

28. Buy the local papers religiously to see who died. Or, at least your granny does anyway.

29. Possess the inherent inability to take a compliment.

Two paracetamol an' a battle a this. You'll (1)

30. Use the phrase ‘going up the town’ to say that you’re off to do some shopping.

31. Use the term ‘the big light’.


32. Have a deep rooted fear of wooden spoons.

33. And this red light. 

Two paracetamol an' a battle a this. You'll (2)

34. Drive somewhere on a Sunday just to get an ice cream.

35. Eat dulse. Seaweed. Actual seaweed.

36. Refer to everything as wee. 

Two paracetamol an' a battle a this. You'll (3)

37. Mix chocolate and crisps together. Preferably with Tayto cheese and onion.

38. Say sorry and apologise profusely when someone bumps into YOU in the street. 

39. Have a weird obsession with international country and western singers.


40. Smile, make eye contact and say hello to people in the street.


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