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How will the UK leaving the EU affect NI Parcels?
The Brexit transition period will end on the 31st December 2020, no trade agreement had yet been reached between the EU and the UK. You can find any updates as and when we receive them here.
Where are my items collected from?
We offer a door to door service, the driver will arrive and collect your items from the front door or your reception. You can also choose to drop off your item at a local depot if this suits better, simply book and contact us so we can advise of the nearest depot.
When will my items be collected?
Drivers will collect your items between 9.00 and 18.00, we are unable to advise of a more specific collection time. If the address is a business address the drivers will usually collect during working hours. You may be able to contact the courier directly to get a smaller collection window, their details will be in your confirmation email. Please note that not all drivers have access to mobile phones so may not be able to call you in advance or when they arrive at the address.
When will my items be delivered?
Your items will be delivered between 9.00 and 18.00 on the delivery date. The expected delivery times would have been displayed at time of booking and are also in your confirmation emails. You can also track your items online to see when they are out for delivery.
What if I miss my collection or the driver does not turn up?
If you miss your collection please contact us as soon as possible as we may be able to arrange another collection for you. If the driver does not show up please contact us so we can arrange another collection date or offer you a refund.
What if I miss my delivery?
If you miss the delivery the courier will leave a card, instructions on how to arrange another delivery will be noted on the card. You will get 2 delivery attempts. You can also arrange to collect the items from a local depot. For same day deliveries (captain courier) you will only get one delivery attempt and then the item will be returned to sender.
When should I book my collection?
We recommend booking the day before your collection date. However on some services you can book same day collections, please get a quote to see each services cut off time. You can book 4 working days in advance.
What packaging can I use?
You can use your own boxes/packaging as long as it is suitable to safely transport your items in. If using the NI Parcels Economy or Express service items must be packaged in cardboard boxes or crates as per this specification. For large items please see this specification. It is your responsibility to package all items, we do not offer a packaging service. We do not accept suitcases/bags as packaging.
Do I need labels?
Yes, simply print a label from your My Orders section of NIParcels.com. Every service has different labels, some labels contain barcodes and other do not. If you are sending your items outside the EU you will also require custom documents, these will be provided in My Orders. Do not hand your parcel to the driver without labels.
What if I don't have access to my labels?
90% of labels will be available within 5 minutes of booking. Some services can take longer to get the labels back from the courier, all labels will be available the day before collection. You will get an email when your labels are available to print. Do not hand your parcel to the driver without labels.
What if I cannot print my labels?
Please contact us. Labels are required for all services however some services you can make your own labels instead of using NI Parcel labels (if you do not have access to a printer). If there is a barcode in the label then you must print the provided labels. Barcoded labels must be attached. Do not hand your parcel to the driver without labels. You may be charged an admin fee or your parcel returned if you do not attach labels.
How do I attach my labels?
Simply stick the provided label on the parcel using tape or something similar. If you are provided with more than one label per parcel, only attach one label and give the other labels to the driver. Please make sure no barcodes or addresses fields are covered when attaching labels. For custom paperwork please insert 3 copies into a clear documents enclosed wallet. If you do not have documents enclosed wallets please hand the custom paperwork to the driver who will attach these for you.
Where do you ship to?
We ship within N. Ireland, to Ireland, to the UK and to over 200 worldwide destinations. Use our quote tool to see all destinations.
Is my stuff covered for damage or loss?
Yes each consignment is covered up to the value of £50 as standard. You can add more cover up to £1000 when booking for a small fee.
How long does it take to receive my item after I sent it?
The transit times will be displayed when booking, these times are quoted in working days. Working days are Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays. Items are not delivered on weekends. In some remote areas it can take an extra 1-2 days for delivery. You can track your item online to see when it will be delivered.
Are there any items I cannot send?
Yes, please check our Prohibited Items list
What size/weight item are you allowed to send?
Each service is different please get a quote to see what service your item can be taken on. If you item is too large please contact us for a custom quote.
Do I need custom documents?
If sending items out of the EU you will require custom documents. We will supply all documentation you require.
Are there any restrictions on the service?
Yes, please read our terms and conditions and prohibited items list.
What if my item has not arrived yet?
If your items have not arrived 2-3 working days after your delivery date please contact us. If needed we will pursue a compensation claim on your behalf. The biggest reason for parcels being delayed is the labels falling off, it is vitally important that you attach your labels securely.
What if my item has been damaged?
It is very rare for any items to be damaged but if your items have have been damaged we have procedures in place to compensate you for damage and loss. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can advise you what the next step is. You will need to send us a completed claim form within 14 days of the items collection date. Please keep the items and all packaging used.
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