Sending Parcels Abroad For Christmas

Sending Parcels Abroad

If you need to send a parcel abroad this Christmas, NI Parcels can help!

Much like Santa Claus himself, we offer fast and reliable parcel delivery to 200+ countries worldwide. So if you have loved ones living overseas, we can get your gifts safely to them.

We have great low rates for our international deliveries. Excellent news for those with loved ones who have emigrated to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and elsewhere.

Fast Overseas Christmas Delivery

When sending a parcel abroad, a major concern is delivery time. No one wants to send a thoughtful Christmas present in November, only to hear that it arrived mid February!

NI Parcels offers super speedy delivery times on parcels sent abroad. For example, you can book with us today, we’ll collect your Christmas gift tomorrow and deliver it to your Uncle Jim in New York within two days. He’ll be delighted!

Our delivery times will vary depending on the destination and the size of your parcel but the general delivery time for parcels sent abroad is 2-3 days. As Christmas can be a busy period for the delivery drivers, we recommend booking early and leaving an extra day to avoid any delays.

Full Online Parcel Tracking

NI Parcels offers an extremely convenient door to door service, as well as full online parcel tracking. So once the driver has collected your parcel, you can monitor its progress online and see when it will arrive with you.

Package Carefully

We know that when you’re sending a Christmas present, you want it to look exciting with bows and tinsel and fancy wrapping paper. However, we recommend packaging your Christmas present as securely as possible – in a strong, double walled cardboard box, if possible.

We also recommend taking a look at our prohibited and non-compensation items.

Low Cost International Parcel Delivery

We know you have enough costs to cover this Christmas and thankfully we offer excellent low prices on parcels sent worldwide. To find out how much it will cost to send your present abroad, and when it will be delivered, just get a quick quote on our homepage.

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