Revealed – How Much Do Northern Irish People Spend On Christmas Presents?

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A few weeks ago, NI Parcels carried out some research among our customers and followers to determine how much Northern Irish people spend on Christmas presents.

And here are the results…

The research revealed that Northern Irish people will collectively spend £4.8 million on Christmas presents this year.

We found that a Northern Irish person will spend on average £433 on Christmas gifts for approximately nine people.

The results highlighted the generous spirit of locals, as 94% of respondents said that they would rather give presents than receive.

However, despite the benevolent nature of NI, 33% of those with friends and relatives abroad said they would not be sending Christmas presents overseas for their loved ones this year.

Our Managing Director at NI Parcels, Paul Stewart, explained that although this figure is noticeably high, it’s unsurprising.

He said: “Expensive international delivery rates and slow delivery times often deter individuals from sending presents abroad.

“This is unfortunate as most people have loved ones living in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America or elsewhere and simply can’t afford to send parcels across the world by traditional means and wait weeks for them to arrive.”

This year, however, NI Parcels are hoping to solve this problem. Paul continues: “NI Parcels is offering low international shipping rates and express delivery times to over 200 countries worldwide.

“We’re hoping this gives people the opportunity to send presents abroad in time for Christmas and help them save a considerable amount in doing so.”

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