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Social media

Are you looking to improve your marketing with social media? Here is an overview of the key strategies you should embrace as soon as possible.

Yes, you can boost your marketing result by building up a reputation online. But to get the best returns, you shouldn’t ask “How does social media help?” but rather “What can my brand offer to its followers?”

Establish authority

If you seriously want to improve on your marketing with social media, your core strategy must be to establish authority in your field or niche. All your interactions across all of your social media channels should be geared towards this end.

You want to make your readers feel like you’re the most reliable, dynamic and interesting source of information out there. Once you follow this road, you will be surprised at how much better you will sell. If there’s a secret to online sales, it’s to give on trying to push sales and just focus on teaching what you know.

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Telegraphic posting

Writing for social media is unlike writing for a blog or traditional media. Here, most of your readers will be people skimming their feed looking for something interesting. Every time you write a post, you must think of ways to make it magnetic on a glance.

To achieve this, you will have to hone the art of telegraphic writing, to break through the short attention spans of your potential audience. Do not assume people will bother to read a highly inspired but extensive piece of writing you pull out of the blue – they likely won’t. But if you publish that content in your blog and tease virtual passers-by into reading it… that’s another story.

Pictures and Videos

While it’s wise to mix up your posts and publish text only updates mixed with image only, videos, gifs and every combination in between – you should know that images have a huge potential to draw attention.

For this reason, you should put a lot of effort into sourcing compelling pictures related to your niche, as these have higher potential for attracting attention than plain text. Usually, you will get best results by combining a compelling few sentence with an alluring image.

Analyse performance

So you want to boost your marketing result? Then you must get in the habit of continually scrutinizing your past efforts. Facebook and other social media websites avail a powerful suite of analytics tools that give you detailed information regarding everything you have posted in the past and how people responded to each post.

By continually reviewing this information, you will get access to powerful insights that will help you fine tune your campaigns and keep posting more of what your readers like.

Keep conversation going

If you’re still not sure how does social media help your business, then you’re either not doing it or you’re not doing it right. You should think of your social media channels not as an opportunity to sell, but as an opportunity to keep a conversation going with your audience while building up prospects who are interested in your message. To achieve this kind of positioning, no comment should go unanswered, even if it’s something as simple as “thanks for chiming in!”.

Understand social media rankings

Many business owners still get a little confused over the elusive meaning of “going viral”, when it’s actually a straightforward process. When a piece of information has “gone viral”, it simply means that it proved to be highly engaging from the moment it was published: most people who saw that post commented on it, liked it and shared it. This signals the social network that post in particular must be interesting, so the algorithms automatically spread it further.

Now, you can’t possibly expect all your posts to go viral. But by understanding how the process works, you can implement strategies to boost how far your content goes. In simple terms, it’s all about getting your content interacted with. The higher the rate of interactions over the number of views, the more a piece of content will spread. So anything you can do to get people to write comments, hit the “like”buttons or share a piece of content, the better your prospects of social media success.

This is a guest post from Livety – a young startup whose purpose is to help students from all around the world find the best and most suitable accommodation in the UK.

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