6 Ways To Utilise Pinterest For Your Small Business


6 ways to utilise pinterest for your small business

Pinterest is now the fourth largest traffic driver globally.

Many people are still very confused as to how to use Pinterest for anything other than pinning mouth-watering photos of food and getting inspiration for your future wedding. As with any social media platform, if you approach it strategically you can really make it work for driving traffic and awareness to your brand. Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually a rather easy and engaging (and highly addictive) platform to use.

So here are our 6 ways to utilise Pinterest for your small business.

1. Join Pinterest For Business

One of the main benefits of joining Pinterest for business is gaining the access to Pinterest Analytics. This is a key feature if you are hoping to utilise Pinterest for your brand. Pinterest Analytics will give you access to data such as what exactly is being re-pinned from your website, how many people are re-pinning your images and it also allows you to discover the various interests that your particular audience has. Having access to this kind of insightful information allows you to refine your content and produce more of what your readers will enjoy and share.

2. Organise Your Boards

Allow your Pinterest profile to have purpose and clarity by keeping it organised, as after all, it is a representation of your brand. Categorise your boards by subject/theme and focus on them, delete all irrelevant and unused boards to ensure your profile looks neat and aesthetically pleasing – after all, Pinterest is an incredibly visual platform, so even these small details matter. Move your boards around, re-name them and give them eye-catching cover images. This way, as soon as someone lands on your Pinterest profile they will know exactly what to expect.

3. Pin Selectively But Consistently

As with any social media platform, it’s important to stay consistent. It’s no good to log on, pin like crazy for about an hour then disappear for a week or two. Pinning around 20-30 pins a day or every day keeps your profile balanced and consistent and will keep users coming back for more. At the same time, it’s important to be selective about the kind of content you pin – there’s no point pinning something irrelevant to your brand, or even worse, something that might constitute a bad reflection on your brand.

4. Stay On Trend

Whether it’s a holiday season or there is an event going on that is relevant to your brand, set up a board to reflect it! Pinning images to reflect a conversation happening on social media will keep your profile current and in trend.

5. Pin Directly From Your Website

It’s easy to integrate a Pin-It button onto your website, so why not? Generally, the human race is quite lazy, lets face it. So if you make it as easy as possible for users to pin a picture from your website/post – you’ll greatly increase the chances of that actually happening.

6. Promote, Promote, Promote!

If you want your targeted audience to actually find your Pinterest profile, direct them to it from your other social media sites. Even include a link to your Pinterest profile from your website itself. Make sure people are aware that your Pinterest actually exists!

You can do this for small business, however, you can also use these same features for your wedding, house inspirations, create a website around your wedding, such as Paul and Ciara’s wedding or even around your hobby. You can then add Pin-It button onto your website!

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