Power of PR

Back in September last year My Baggage which is NI Parcels sister company launched a service called VIF. My Baggage is a student shipping company.

Uni Baggage offered students the opportunity to travel to University in style, via private jet, rolls royce and may more options.

You can read more about the My Baggage VIF service here.

The Power of PR


My Baggage decided to take the opportunity of launching this new service to tell the world about the VIF service and also the normal My Baggage student shipping service. They issued a press release and got coverage in almost every national press outlet in the UK.

A few of the news outlets that picked it up:

Traffic to the My Baggage website went though the roof as did sales of the normal My Baggage shipping service.

This simple campaign goes to show that traditional PR is still a very powerful medium to use in your marketing tool box (if you get it right). It can be used by both small and large businesses. My Baggage and NI Parcels both use PR nationally and locally to raise awareness of its brands.


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