4 Expert Tips For Sending A Parcel To The USA


Shipping parcels to the United States of America can seem rather daunting.

Whether you’re sending a parcel to a loved one, or perhaps you’re a small business owner needing to ship and distribute products across the states – there are a few things worth knowing about sending items to the USA.

Sending a parcel to a destination such as the USA can seem almost too overwhelming, but when the right research and preparation has been completed, shipping your parcels to America can be a surprisingly easy process.

At NI Parcels, we know a thing or two about shipping parcels across the globe. We’re here to shed a light on shipping to the USA to make the whole process much more digestible and a lot less scary…

4 Expert Tips For Sending A Parcel To The USA

1. Research country-specific restrictions and regulations.

Every country has its own country-specific restrictions and regulations when it comes to shipping, and America is no exception. Like many countries, the US has a list of prohibitions and restrictions on what can be imported. It’s so important to read through these lists before booking a shipment, to avoid any additional fees, delays or problems with the parcel.

2. Suitable packaging.

When your item is being transported to a destination such as America, it’s important to consider the many stages of transit that it will go through. The reality is that the item will be sorted by a machine, before being transported alongside tens or hundreds of other heavy packages.

So when it comes to shipping a parcel anywhere in the world, we always recommend that our customers send their items in strong, double-walled cardboard boxes – especially if the item is heavier than 5kg.

For added protection to your item, it’s always a good idea to have some internal packaging such as bubble-wrap or polystyrene. Although damage in transit is pretty rare, it most often occurs when items are not securely packaged.

Read even more advice on how to properly package a parcel.

3. Customs paperwork.

Customs is one of the most important factors to consider when shipping a parcel to the USA. Customs clearance plays a huge part in all shipments going in and out of the US, and therefore it is absolutely vital to adhere to customs requirements. This means that you will need a customs invoice for your shipment – the only exception to this is if you are sending documents.

In a nutshell, the customs invoice will inform the customs authorities of what you are shipping, the value of each item, as well as the reason you are sending the item (eg. gift, business samples). The invoice will determine how much tax and duties you will need to pay, so it’s important to ensure it is completed accurately and clearly.

One important thing to remember when sending parcels to America is that duty and tax is imposed at point of entry into the USA, so any charges cannot be included in courier quotes. It will also be the responsibility of the parcel recipient to resolve these charges, should they be imposed.

When you book your shipment with NI Parcels, you can easily generate your customs documents to fill in, print, sign and attach to your parcel.

4. Transit times.

When it comes to shipping across the globe to a destination such as the USA, we always recommend to ship a few days early, just in case there is a delay at customs clearance. Courier transit times won’t be able to take any customs delays into account, so if the items you are sending are particularly time-sensitive, it’s always best to ship them as early as you can to avoid disappointment.

So those are our expert tips on sending your parcel to the USA like a pro. By following our advice, getting your items to the USA will be a piece of cake.

If you have any questions about sending parcels with NI Parcels, give us a shout or find out more below!

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