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Send your parcels within Northern Ireland or to worldwide destinations with NI Parcels. We provide a parcel comparison and online booking service to make it possible for businesses and individuals to book the best couriers at the best prices. Users can compare prices for their delivery by entering the details of their delivery and receiving an instant quote from available couriers. Users can compare quotes from couriers and save up to 80% on making a direct booking before making a selection and completing their booking.

At NI Parcels we only work with the best couriers in Northern Ireland to provide a reliable parcel delivery service. Our courier partners include Parcel Force, DPD and FedEx. We make parcel delivery in Northern Ireland convenient with our full door to door parcel collection and delivery service. We also offer online tracking so you can see your shipment each step of the way.

NI Parcels only works with the best couriers in Northern Ireland and Worldwide. Find out more...