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student storageStudent Storage Services

If you’re a student, studying away from home, you might consider using a student storage service…

Student storage is a great moving solution for students who have loads of luggage and no means of transporting it home at the beginning and end of term. After all – airline baggage doesn’t exactly come cheap.

Placing your luggage in student storage means you can travel light and with the knowledge that your belongings will be waiting safely for you upon your return.

However, as convenient as student storage is, there are alternatives out there which may be better suited to your needs….

Luggage Shipping – A Student Storage Alternative

Luggage shipping, for example, is a great way to transport your belongings, without having to worry about adding extra luggage to your flight or carrying heavy bags as you travel by ferry, bus, train or car.

There are many specialist companies out there who will ship your luggage at a great low price. My Baggage is the No.1 Student Shipping Company, providing low cost luggage shipping to 200+ countries worldwide.


My Baggage is the ultimate alternative to student storage. With storage, you’ll often find that you have boxed away important items that you need and if you’re miles away from the storage facility, you may have no way to get them back until your return visit.

With luggage shipping, you have the benefit of being able to forward your items so they are waiting for you when you arrive at home.  And as most luggage shipping companies have large weight allowances, nothing will get left behind.

For some great information on comparing student storage and student shipping, check out this informative blog post on the Uni Baggage website.


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