NI Parcels Brexit Update

Updated 30th of December 2020

The information below is subject to change and should not be taken as 100% fact given that there are still many unknown factors and likely changes to come in the next weeks/months.

NI Parcels is not a customs broker and cannot answer specific questions regarding your shipping circumstances, you may need to seek the help of an external company for such advice.

On the 1st of January 2021, the UK and the EU will terminate its transition period after the UK left the EU on the 31st of January 2020.
The trade deal agreed between the UK and EU mean that significant changes will be introduced for the shipping of parcels. This is not the outcome NI Parcels would have preferred for our customers however we will work to make any changes as easy as possible.
We would advise all customers sending between the UK and the EU to please be aware of potential delays due to this unprecedented change and also due to a potential backlog in the processing of shipments due to this change.
How will Brexit affect bookings on NI Parcels?
If you are sending from the UK Mainland (including Highlands and Islands) to an EU destination, you will now be required to complete the customs paperwork for your shipment.
This paperwork will be available in your “My Orders” section after booking.
This will not be required for shipments to or from Northern Ireland due to its special status.
Will I have to pay customs charges?
Yes – Goods entering the UK (including Highlands and Islands) from the EU (and vice versa) will be charged customs charges such as Import VAT and Import Duty. We cannot predict or foresee how much your customs charges may be.
The recipient in the destination will be liable for any customs charges –  NI Parcels is not liable for customs charges.
What happens if I do not pay customs charges?
Your shipment may be refused delivery and held with further daily storage charges until paid.
Customs also have the right to dispose of a shipment if they feel the situation may not be resolved. If your item is disposed of by customs, you cannot claim for loss due to this. NI Parcels cannot control the decisions made by customs authorities.
Will this affect shipping between Northern Ireland and the UK Mainland?
At the moment, the current working agreement means that shipments coming from the UK Mainland to Northern Ireland will require checks of some sort however these checks have not been detailed as of yet. Paperwork may be eventually required on shipments going GB to NI.
For shipments going from Northern Ireland to the UK Mainland, no additional paperwork or checks will be required.
Will this affect shipping between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?
There will not be any new checks or paperwork on shipments moving between NI and IE.
What about shipments going from Northern Ireland and EU Countries e.g NI to France?
Northern Ireland will be the only part of the UK without new checks or paperwork for shipments to and from the EU however this may change. At the moment only shipments to and from the UK Mainland and other EU nations will require formal checks. This will include shipping between UK Mainland and the Republic of Ireland.
Can I send my shipments from the UK Mainland to Northern Ireland to have then shipped onwards to Ireland without checks?
No, as shipments from the UK Mainland to Northern Ireland will require checks, this will not benefit your shipping experience. We recommend shipping directly from the UK Mainland to Ireland and dealing with any potential checks.
Will I still need to pay VAT on shipments to and from the EU?
VAT will not be paid at the point of sale for your shipping costs for shipments going from GB to EU destinations and vice versa.  However, customs charges may still be applicable and you as the sender are ultimately responsible for any customs charges. If you are sending to an EU country you must make your recipient aware of potential customs charges as, if they refuse to pay them, you will become liable for these charges.
VAT will still be paid on shipments travelling from Northern Ireland and the EU (and vice versa).
What is an EORI number?
In the UK, an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number is assigned to importers and exporters by HMRC and is used during the customs clearance process for both import and export shipments travelling to or from the EU and countries outside the EU. In a post-transition world, it will be a mandatory requirement to have an EORI number to ship into the EU from the UK.

You can apply for an EORI Number by clicking here: We recommend applying for this regardless of the outcome of any trade deal negotiations.

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