6 Ways To Promote Your Business Using Snapchat

6 ways to promote your business using snapchat

With over 100m daily users and approximately 400m snaps being sent each day, Snapchat could be a great new venture for your business’ social media marketing.

But what exactly is Snapchat?

It is essentially a video and photo messaging app which allows users to capture and send snaps, which are viewable only for a set duration within a 24 hour period, before they are automatically deleted. The fast-growing social media platform ranks fourth among the top social media sharing sites, and so it has the potential to be a highly beneficial marketing strategy for your business.

So how can this be an effective platform for marketing?

Snapchat’s core users are 13-24 year olds, so if your business caters for that age bracket then the possibilities are endless. Unlike Instagram or Pinterest where your content is carefully selected and organised, Snapchat is much less curated and from a much more realistic viewpoint. The spontaneity of Snapchat is what gives it a more authentic feel and allows your audience to get a different kind of look into your brand.

Here are 6 Ways To Promote Your Business Using Snapchat.

1. Cross platform activation

Although it isn’t so easy to find and follow accounts on Snapchat, you are certainly able to share your username or QR code on your various social media platforms to bring your existing audience across. Similarly, encourage your Snapchat audience to visit your other social media platforms too. Encourage your audience to follow you on Snapchat for exclusive content that can’t be seen on your other platforms!

2. Exclusive content

Snapchat gives you an opportunity to make your audience feel special in ways other social media platforms just can’t. Direct snaps to one person or a group of selected individuals is only viewable for a set duration before it is automatically deleted. Similarly, snaps that you add to your story are viewable for up to 24 hours before they are gone. This gives you the opportunity to give something to your audience that they wouldn’t normally have access to and it’s going to feel personal to them. Whether it be a sneak peek of a new product launch or something similar – give your Snapchat following something exclusive to get excited about your brand.

3. Behind the scenes access

In a similar fashion, giving your viewers some behind the scenes access will make them feel like part of the brand. It could be a live event that you are attending on behalf of your business, perhaps one your business is hosting or even a relevant on-brand event. Visual social media platforms such as Instagram do – in a sense – limit what you can share before you start clogging your followers’ feeds and they start unfollowing. With Snapchat, you can keep your viewers engaged with whatever it is you’re up to for an entire day if you really want to – without getting on anyone’s nerves.

 4. Partner with influencers

Similar to an Instagram or Twitter takeover, businesses can partner with on-brand influencers to give their viewers a unique perspective. Taking the time to research some influencers in your niche could unveil a list of possibilities for exciting content to share with your followers. Partnering with an on-brand influencer gives your audience someone they can relate to and this is a sure-fire way to grab their attention.

5. Encourage engagement

As with any social media platform, your aim is for your audience to engage with your brand. Snaps on your story will last for no longer than 24 hours, so this is perfect for planning and creating brief yet effective campaigns. Encourage your followers to view your snaps to be able to screenshot a discount code to use, for example. Get your viewers involved – ask them to snap you their opinions or responses to a question you pose to them. Open up a direct line of communication and become a brand that is friendly and approachable.

6. Know your audience

Ultimately, Snapchat marketing isn’t going to work for everyone – but if your brand caters to the type of people who use the app on a daily basis, you can make it work for your brand. Understand how your audience use Snapchat and remember that they are primarily using it for fun, so you should be too! Of all social media, Snapchat is one where you can really allow a sense of personality to shine and allow people to fall in love with your brand.

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