23 Weirdest Northern Irish Newspaper Headlines

24 Weirdest Norn Irish Headlines (1)

Northern Ireland has a reputation around the globe for outstanding journalism…

Our reporters have produced some groundbreaking investigative content over the years and some of the most talented names in the journalism industry first cut their teeth at our local and regional titles.

To celebrate our country’s journalistic triumphs, we’re taking a look at what are, without doubt, the greatest and most memorable headlines in Northern Ireland’s newspaper history.

We’re sure you’ll agree on the ‘memorable’ part at least ….

1. Hopefully there was no one else in the water at the time.

belfast telegraph headline

2. The accused was later arrested for attempted mooder (eugh, sorry).

northern ireland newspaper headline

3. Well, if he insists…

northern ireland newspaper headline

4. Bus w**ker (literally)

northern ireland newspaper headline

5. Luckily no one was injured.

northern ireland newspaper headline

6. A bit harsh. He seems like a nice lad.

northern irish newspaper headlines

7. No word on whether the victim was askin’ for it.

northern irish newspaper headlines

8. Security has increased in the area, after fear of what ‘his ma’ might do to retaliate.

northern irish newspaper headlines

9. Never EVER come between a man and his meat and pastry based snack.

northern irish newspaper headlines

10.  It was a crap idea to begin with.

northern ireland newspaper headline

11. This unfortunate layout decision.

 northern ireland newspaper headlines

12. And another Titanic fail…

northern irish newspaper headline

13. Apparently the driver was half-cut at the time of the incident.


14. No word on whether the ‘wile dose’ has subsided.


15.  Just as the philosophical question goes: “If a naked transvestive dogger falls in a forest, do they make a sound?”


16. Wait – you’re NOT supposed to sit on your parents when they refuse to buy you more drink?


17.  After battering innocents with carbohydrates, the perpetrator knew it was crunch time.


18. After receiving some therapy, the man is feeling much bedder. 


19.  You gotha be kidding me…


20.  Maybe it was just an axedent? 


21. Pretty sure they saw more than a beauty spot.

 cave hill

22. Apparently the co-pilot gave him a hand.


23. And of course…



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