17 Valentine’s Cards For Northern Irish People

ni parcelsRoses are red, violets are blue, Norn Iron is a wile romantic wee place, so it is…

As well as providing the best courier service on the planet, us NI Parcels lot fancy ourselves as a romantic bunch.

So, we thought we’d put together some special Valentine’s Day cards strictly for Northern Irish folk. Feel free to print out your favourite and send it to your significant other. We’re sure their face will be a picture when they open that envelope…

1. One for the Corrie fans. 

I love you more than Jim loves Our Eluzzabuth

2. For the Trainspotters.

ni parcels

3. An old favourite.

ni parcels

4. For the thrill seekers.

Wanna take a ride on the big dipper-

5. For modern lovers.

ni parcels

6. For the cultured. 

The Causeway isn't the only GIANT attraction around here...

7. This will melt even a frostbit heart. 

Yer the gurl fer me

8. For those with a flare for politics.

ni parcels


9. For those with an eye for this UTV heartthrob.

Guess where my Weather Watching Camera is going to be tonight-

10. For food lovers.

We go together like...

11. Anyone for dessert?

ni parcels

12. Now that’s love.

ni parcels

13. You’ll do WHAT? 

I'd butter your fadge any time

14. Couple goals.

ni parcels

15. NSFW.

A picture of my favourite balls...

16. Talk about crazy in love.

Our love is more passionate than a Nolan rant.

17. And finally…

ni parcels


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